Choose & Pay the Appropriate Vendor Subscription Type

Once you have applied for a Vendor Account, you will need to (if you have not already done so) choose your appropriate Type of Vendor payment plan that suits you the best.

Delivery Policy

After you make a reservation and payment for your Type of Vendor subscription plan, and after we receive a confirmation of your payment, an online meeting will be scheduled by our expert, where you will be informed in detail and trained how to use our services that refer to your Vendor account, which includes: (i) posting products with name, short and long description, images, prices, and data about you and your company, (ii) using commercial tools such as discounts, loyalty points, cashback, etc. (iii) way of communicating with your potential customers and clients, (iv) monitoring notifications on your control panel, etc.

Once you have been trained, you can start building and organizing your product and service offerings on your own. You should keep in mind that you can only make offers of products and services that comply with our policies, and if our team sees and decides that some of your offers violate any of our policies, Green Balkan Express reserves the right to remove the offers without obligation to notify you in any way.

Refund Policy

After making the payment for your Vendor Account Subscription, in case of dissatisfaction with our services, you have the right to request a refund within 10 days, officially at, explaining your dissatisfaction and your decision to request a refund and cancellation of your Vendor Account and deletion of the Offers of your products and/or services. Thank you.


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